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Performing Arts Medicine Around the World


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Watch the recording of the webinar below. This video will be available for everyone until December 4, 2022. After December 4, the video will be available to members only.


About this Webinar

This webinar features a panel of international specialists in Performing Arts Medicine. Experts from the UK, Germany, Portugal, Austria, Romania, Norway, South Africa, Singapore, the Philippines and Australia will share details about the development of PAM in their country, current educational and clinical opportunities and their hopes for the future. Discussions will include examples of current international collaborations between members as well as future opportunities. There will be time in the latter part of the webinar for the audience to ask questions and for collaborative discussion between our panelists.

United Kingdom
Claire Cordeaux
Hara Trouli
Sunil Auplish

Ana Zão

Carl Firle
Jochen Blum

Gail Schwarz

Grete Ege
Irem Eliassen

Iulia Toma

South Africa
Bridget Rennie-Salonen
Frances Levenderis
Clorinda Panebianco

Mandy Zhang
June Sheren
Vivien Koh

Jennifer Yang

Mark Seton
Suzanne Wijsman