What we do

We engage our members to work with and for the health of performing artists through education, research, networking, and a commitment to a deep understanding of the special needs associated with the performing arts.


PAMA is an organization comprised of dedicated medical professionals, artists educators, and administrators with the common goal of improving the health care of the performing artist. The Performing Arts Medicine Association was founded in 1989. Members join from around the world.

Members of PAMA are professionals in fields that include research, education, and clinical practice. Many have written books and articles to inform and educate other professionals and performers.

Areas we support

Initially a medical organization limited to physicians, PAMA quickly grew to an international that includes all types of health professionals, as well as performers, educators, and administrators in both music and dance genres.

Physicians/Health Professionals

PAMA members treat all types of performing artists and serve as medical consultants to musical and dance organizations, while others work directly with orchestras, dance companies and theaters around the world.


PAMA showcases the latest research in the PAM field through the Annual International Symposium and encouraging students to seek publication in various publications and become involved in PAMA Committees.


PAMA serves as a resource for performers of all kinds needing healthcare and support to pursue their passion.

PAMA Ambassador Program

Are you a performing artist looking to increase awareness of performing arts health to your artistic community? The PAMA Ambassador Program is a group of individuals committed to promoting and distributing PAMA resources to the greater arts and health communities. PAMA Ambassadors receive access to one-on-one mentorship, training and tools about performing arts medicine and health, and support for creating outreach initiatives within their communities.

Ambassador Program link coming soon.


The Performing Arts Medicine Association incorporated in 1988 by a group of physicians who had been involved with the medical care of musicians and dancers. The seeds for this organization were sown in 1983 at the first Symposium on the Medical Problems of Musicians in Aspen, Colorado. By formalizing their shared interest in this medical specialty, they founded a scientific journal, Medical Problems of Performing Artists (MPPA), in 1986. Both the Symposium and Journal began under the leadership of, Dr. Alice Brandfonbrener of Chicago, who was the MPPA Journal’s first editor-in-chief and who served as PAMA’s first President.

Board of Directors

Executive Commitee
Jason Hu, MD - President

Queens/ Weill Cornell

Queens, New York

Melody Hrubes, MD - President-Elect

Rothman Orthopaedics New York

New York, New York

Clay Miller, MD, MFA - Secretary

Sports Medicine North

Peabody, Massachusetts

John Chong, MD, FRCPC - Treasurer

Musicians' Clinics of Canada

Hamilton, ON Canada

Lucinda Halstead, MD, Immediate Past President

Associate Professor, Medical University of South Carolina

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Serap Bastepe-Gray, MD, MM, MScOT

Johns Hopkins University,
The Peabody Conservatory
& School of Medicine

Hunt Valley, Maryland

Kat Cottrell, MBBS, BSc, DipABRSM

Musicians' Clinics of Canada
McMaster University

Hamilton, ON Canada

David Hinkamp, MD

University of Illinois Chicago

Chicago, Illinois

Deanna McBroom, MM, BMEd

Medical University of South Carolina
The College of Charleston

Charleston, South Carolina

J. Matt McCrary, PhD

Clinical Research Officer, UNSW Sydney

NSW, Australia

Chandler Thompson, DMA, MS, CCC-SLP

Sean Parker Institute for the Voice at Weill Cornell Medicine

New York, New York

Hara Trouli, MD

University College London

London, United Kingdom

Julie Massaro PAMA Executive Director

PAMA Committee Chairs

Bylaws: Hara Trouli, MD

Development: Lucinda Halstead, MD

Membership: Chandler Thompson, DMA, MS, CCC-SLP

Professional Standards and Behavior: Deanna McBroom, MM, BMEd


Young Professionals: