- Webinar

Performance Traumatic Stress Disorder

January 31st, 2022 at 8:00 pm EST

Performance Traumatic Stress Disorder John Chong, MD

John Chong, M.D., Medical Director of the Musicians’ Clinics of Canada: “Performance Traumatic Stress Disorder: Handling the Psychological Issues that Arise During and Following an Injury – A Team Approach Between Students, Teachers and Healthcare Providers.”

When an injury occurs, the psychological issues experienced by the performer often take a sideline as the physical injury is addressed. The importance of giving students an opportunity to adapt psychologically to the aftermath of pain or injury will be examined through a trauma-informed integrative approach that involves student, teacher, and healthcare provider, working as a team to help the student return to performing. Educators and healthcare professionals must also address and acknowledge their own psychological issues and traumas to be effective in their work with performing artists. A key paradigm shift from “What’s Wrong with You?” to “What Happened to You?” by all stakeholders involved will be emphasized as the foundation of healing and resilience in performing arts medicine.

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