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September 9, 2023 - 24-hours spanning the globe

Join us on September 9th for a 24hr virtual global gathering of the Performing Arts Medicine community! This is a free event. The PAMAthon will kick off at 9am BST in the UK, which is 1am PDT, 4am ET, 4pm AWST, 6pm AEST..

The goal is to connect all those involved with performing arts medicine around the world, and ensure they have an opportunity to participate at some point during their weekend hours.

Over 20 countries and 20 different performing arts organizations will be represented!

The PAMAthon will consist of a mixture of panels, presentations, keynotes and networking opportunities. There will be opportunities based upon performing arts discipline and professional specialty, as well as sessions aimed at all participants.

Highlights include the following:

A welcome by BAPAM and the UCL Performing Arts Medicine Program to kick off the countdown for PAMA London 2024

A keynote by the authors of ‘The Health and Wellbeing of Professional Musicians and Music Creators in the EU’, a report by the European Commission

A presentation by the ‘Musicians’ Health Literacy Consortium’, discussing the process through which they are doing international, collaborative research within PAM

A presentation by PAMA’s Research Chair, Matt McCrary, on how to optimize your success with abstract submissions for PAMA London 2024

International discussions between leaders of Performing Arts Medicine organizations

Multiple networking sessions

Please do tell your friends and colleagues about this opportunity too as this event is open to members and non-members to maximize the opportunity for collaborations within the field.


Schedule of Presentations

The schedules included here are adjusted for many major time zones. View the one nearest to you!


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