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Performing Arts Medicine: A Collaborative Approach to Care

Join us for the PAMA Young Professionals Webinar "Performing Arts Medicine: A Collaborative Approach to Care"

About this Webinar

September 27th, 2021 at 8:00 pm EST

The Performing Arts Medicine Association comprises a large number of different professionals, from performing artists, to educators, administrators and health care professionals. We all share the same goal of improving health care for performing artists around the world, but it can often be hard to understand where each member of the team fits within the artists’ circle of care and what is, and is not, within the scope of practice for each professional. This webinar aims to bring together these different professionals to have a conversation and collaborate to improve the understanding of the role of different members of PAMA within our community.
Our special guests will be: Susan Raeburn (psychologist), Jeff Russell (athletic trainer), Marshall Chasin (audiologist), Chandler Thompson (speech and language pathologist), Christine Guptill (occupational therapist), Bronwen Ackermann (physiotherapist) and Amy Likar (body mapping and Alexander Technique specialist). We do recognise that this list does not cover all specialists who contribute to the circle of care for performing artists.
Each of our esteemed guests will have 5 minutes to discuss the scope of their specialty within performing arts medicine, as well as how they collaborate with different members of the team. We will then have 20 minutes of discussion between our special guests, covering questions from our audience. We hope you can make this exciting webinar featuring many of the current leaders within Performing Arts Medicine.


PAMA members may watch the recording of this webinar by clicking the link below. You will be asked to log in to view the video.

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