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38th Annual PAMA International Symposium

2020 Vision for Prevention
Pathways to Prime Performance

Omni Royal Orleans Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Friday, June 19 - Monday, June 22, 2020

Target Audience

The PAMA symposium is designed to meet the research and practice needs of physicians, therapists, athletic trainers, educators, artistic directors, and other health care and performing arts professionals who seek to improve the well-being of performing artists.

Questions may be directed to Dorry Allen  or Julie Massaro

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As co-chairs of the 2020 PAMA Annual Symposium, we invite you to join with us June 19-22, 2020 in celebrating inclusion, diversity, and cultural immersion by engaging in the unique cultural landscape of New Orleans, the birthplace of Jazz, through a commitment to:

  • Promoting the highest quality of care for all performing artists by striving to overcome the unique occupational challenges they face.
  • Developing educational programs designed to enhance the understanding of the root causes of medical problems faced by performing artists to foster a pathway to prevention.
  • Fostering communication among all involved in the health care, education, and well being of performing artists by expanding the conversation of how to overcome obstacles to prime performance.
  • Encouraging research into the etiology, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of medical problems of performing artists by creating opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaboration. In particular we will invite key members of other collaborative organizations to participate in workshops and panels.

- Bethany Bultman and Kathleen Davenport

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