Keynote: Dr. Ingo R. Titze

Ingo R. Titze

Dr. Ingo R. Titze has served as Director of the National Center for Voice and Speech since 1990, which is currently headquartered at the University of Utah. He is also a University of Iowa Foundation Distinguished Professor of Voice, Speech, and Vocal Music.

He has published 450 articles in scientific and educational journals. His book publications include Principles of Voice Production (1994), The Myoelastic-Aerodynamic Theory of Phonation (2006); in collaboration with Katherine Verdolini, Vocology: The Science and Practice of Voice Habilitation (2012); and Fascinations with the Human Voice (2010), which is printed in eight languages. His research interests include biomechanics of human tissues, acoustic phonetics, speech science, voice disorders, professional voice production, and the computer simulation of voice. His formal training is in Electrical Engineering (MS) and physics (PhD).

Dr. Titze is a founding member and first elected President of the Pan-American Vocology Association. He has administered and taught in the Summer Vocology Institute, the premiere Vocology training program, for 18 years. His professional affiliations include the Acoustical Society of America, The National Association of Teachers of Singing, the American Speech Language Hearing Association, and the American Laryngological Association. Honors include The Gould Award for outstanding research in laryngeal physiology (1984), and the Silver Medal Award from the Acoustical Society of America (2007).

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