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Patient Referrals - Find a Physician

Performers seeking health care for their performance-related injuries or problems may search for PAMA members in geographical locations or find specialists who care for performers in particular areas of the performing arts.


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How to Search the Directory

Performers can search for doctors and other healthcare specialists for their medical problems using this database. A recommended first step is to search by:

  • State (your location)
  • Arts Medicine Specialties (physicians or other options in drop-down box)

Review the list to see who is close to you geographically or who has the healthcare focus that relates to your medical problem.

Other search fields may be entered, but note that the more restricted the search the more limited the results will be.

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How to Contact a Specialist

The best way to make contact is to send an email and provide the following information:

  • advise that you found their referral on the PAMA website and that you are a performer
  • your name, city/state, email address and telephone number
  • a brief description of your medical problem and how long it has been a concern
  • your age, gender, your performing art, and professional levl

If you do not receive a reply from the PAMA referral, a telepone call should be made to the referring office.

If a search does not produce appropriate resources, or if a referring member does not reply to your email and call, then send the same email as about to our Referral Desk and list who you contacted.

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