Presentation Submission

All presentation files must be submitted by June 3, 2019.

If you are presenting more than once, you must submit this form separately for each presentation.

Lead Presenter Information
Select the day/date of your presentation as listed in the 2019 schedule.
Enter the time of your presentation as listed in the 2019 schedule.
Presentation File(s)

Submit your PowerPoint file here. If you are using audio and/or video files within your presentation, you may be later asked to submit them separately.

The maximum file size is 192 Mb. If your file exceeds this or if you have other difficulties, please contact our audio-visual manager.

No Mac-only files (e.g., Keynote) will be accepted for presentation. All Windows-based presentation file types (e.g., Prezi) will be considered, please contact our audio-visual manager to discuss.

Please mark this box if this is a revised version of your presentation (i.e., if you have already submitted your presentation files). In all cases, the most recent upload will be assumed to contain the files you wish displayed.
Note: The Speaker Guidelines include important presentation and file details.
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