Medical Mentor in Maryland

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Medical Mentor in Maryland

Hey -
I'm a medical resident (PGY-3) in internal medicine planning on entering primary care in a bit over a year. I also happen to be a multi-instrumental musician and vocalist, with 15 years working as a professional keyboardist and vocalist. Both medicine and music are my passions - and I would like to help people with similar passions. I am well aware of the occupational hazards which come with the territory of being a musician and vocalist.
I plan on joining as a resident member, but in addition, I'm wondering if there's anyone in my region (or outside my region, for that matter) who would be able to mentor and advise me on pathways to gain more experience in treating conditions (MSK, ENT, pulm) related to the performing arts.
Your appreciated input is valid.
Your valid input is appreciated.

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