Occupational Therapy Evalulation form for music injuries

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Occupational Therapy Evalulation form for music injuries

Does anybody have a evaluation form for an Occupational Therapist evaluation of a music related injury ?
I am an OT treating a lot of music related issues, and was looking for a simple form that states what the problem is ( if there is an actual medical dx) , when, where , how , and some descriptors, and then a recommendation area that the musician can take with them ( check instrument , use a particular posture or modification, splint , etc ) to have as a descriptive home exercise plan ?
If you would like to share, it would be great lay appreciated !
Thank you ,
Lisa Broyden

Check out The Sport Medicine

Check out The Sport Medicine Patient Advisory.

I been using this for my patients and it's very helpful and simple.


OT eval for musicians

Hi Lisa,

I'm not aware of much; there is the Berque MPIIQM, though that is not OT specific... www.musicianshealth.co.uk/MPIIQMuserguide.pdf

...and perhaps the DASH performing arts/sports module, which is just now being validated for musicians, and is specific to UE function. http://www.orthopaedicscore.com/scorepages/disabilities_of_arm_shoulder_....

I think the COPM can be adapted for any occupation, but not sure if that's what you were looking for. www.thecopm.ca/

Are you familiar with our pre-conference course? We teach an assessment battery in the course for all performing artists, called the DIVA (Dancer, Instrumentalist, Vocalist and Actor). Please check it out! http://www.artsmed.org/symposium/pre-conference-certificate-course

Best of luck!

Christine Guptill, PhD, Assistant Professor of OT, University of Alberta.

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