Regarding the Upcoming PAMA Symposium in June and the Coronavirus Issue

To our esteemed PAMA Members, Symposium Attendees, Speakers/Presenters and the Performing Arts Medicine Community:

You may have questions or have received questions from other members/attendees about the upcoming June PAMA Symposium as to whether or not it is still happening.  The simple answer, at this time, is “YES”: we are full speed ahead for New Orleans in June!

Being an established and respected organization based in the health community, of course everyone’s safety and health are our primary concerns and we would not do anything to jeopardize any of that. We are closely monitoring the communication from the CDC, WHO, and other organizations tasked with this monumental outbreak. No one really has a clear idea of what this will look like in 30-60 days, so we are staying close to the experts who are working on trying to control this problem.

With this uncertainty of what the next few weeks or months will bring, and with a list of companies and institutions starting to ban travel, we are looking into all alternatives and contingency plans for the Symposium. Once we have a better idea of all our options, and while monitoring the CDC guidance, we will hopefully have a better idea of where we stand. The PAMA Board of Directors will be involved in any decisions about the Symposium, which we will communicate immediately.  I will serve as your focal point for communication and any questions you might have — please feel free to contact me anytime.

Thank you for staying patient and positive with us during these tough times. Together we will stay strong and healthy!

More to come....

Julie Massaro
PAMA, Executive Director 

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